Loan and Merited Prints

I've always felt the journey to getting better with something starts with understanding the importance of education. For me the journey began years ago in High School when I started learning photography from my English teacher who was one of the sponsors for our Yearbook staff. I learned on a camera with no automatic settings and a hand held light meter. We spent hours in the darkroom learning how to do the basics of developing your film and then turning the pictures into what then would become one of my cherished reminders of my young adulthood. But it wouldn't be till years later that I would be introduced to the world of Print Competition. The 12 Elements of a Print would become the foundation for my desire to offer my clients better images of themselves and while frustrating at times, Print Competition has been a worthy journey and one I am still enjoying. I entered my first International Print Competition in June of 2015 and received 3 merits. What that really means to people, is that my prints received a score of at least an 80 (Deserving of a Merit) and was awarded one point per merit. I entered again in June of 2016, this time entering 4 prints and I received 3 merits again but one of those images was judged as a Loan image and was submitted into the Loan Collection. Loan's receive 2 points and needless to say, I was thrilled. When 2017 came around, I had been in the middle of putting a house on the market and really hadn't spent a lot of time on gathering my prints together but at the last minute, I said "what the heck". Let's go for it. I entered 4 prints again and again went 3/4, receiving 3 more merits. For me, I was again so very honored and realized that I was only 3 merits away from receiving my Master of Photography degree from PPA. You better believe I will be entering 4 more prints this year!

There is so much more to Print Competition than just receiving merits, loans and awards...exploring art through photography, learning to use all the elements to create something wonderful for a family session or just having fun painting an image that you've photographed have been the rewards I have gained. My clients are receiving quality portraiture that I have taken time to produce for them and it shows through the images they've showcased in their homes. The journey hasn't been easy but it sure has been fun!

The Progression of a Merit Print